Office growth at Inbound & TB Shops

With the influx of new business at Inbound and a growing inventory of e-commerce projects at TB Shops we not only needed extra space, we needed something that would work within our existing environment here in Edegem.

We hired our client 2Do Interior Design to design our new desks you can see in the pic below – and we’re obviously very, very happy with their look!

New desks TB Shops Inbound

Apart from the new desks, we’ve also added a couple exciting new projects. Here’s a quick overview of what we’re doing right now:

  • Suivo – a leader in GPS Tracking Systems on the Belgian market. We’re helping them not only reach more clients but also improve their website from a search engine perspective.
  • Bye Bye Cheeseburger – my girlfriend Steffi’s new project that will soon include a fun and healthy webshop.
  • S&R Group – a large group of subtropical swimming pools in Belgium, for who we’re building a brand new web presence for their many locations, including my favourite in Beveren!



Moving forward with Inbound!

Inbound - Website iMacWe’re making headway in our move towards the Belgian market. With a new employee joining our team (you can meet him at and quite a few fun new projects, we’re really getting close to meeting our original goals and establishing ourselves as a full-service internet marketing agency here in Belgium.

A small overview:

  • With Fysiotherapie Harks, we have our first real Dutch client. They have a young team of excited professionals just like we do – so it feels like a perfect match already.
  • Antigoon, a professional mover in the Antwerp area with over a decade of experience has chosen us to do their whole internet marketing strategy. We’ve already saved them loads on Google Adwords, and are helping them expand their reach on social media and in organic search results.
  • Last but not least, our partnership with Window Place has been taken to the next level. While we built their site, we’re now also assisting them in their online marketing – and it’s turning in to a very exciting project for everyone in our team.

Long story short, life is good at Inbound. Even though we expected a very slow start – we’re already proving we can deliver the same (or even higher) level of service in Belgium as we did in the US, and that’s great news for us, and our clients, off course.

We’ve finished the TB Shops software

It’s been a painstaking experience, but we’ve built a custom e-commerce application that can handle mutliple stores, automatic billing, stock keeping and so much more. We’re extremely proud TB Shops Logo Squareof the final product, which can be seen live on the first TB stores that went online over the course of the last couple weeks.

The first one to go online was the poker shop that used to belong to my company, The transition from Magento to the TB system went smoothly and we’ve already seen an uptick in sales and conversion. Yay!

The most anticipated shop we launched went live yesterday. With, TB is targetting the brand new market of electronic cigarettes – and the store is ready to handle not only a large amount of traffic but also a large amount of orders. We’re keeping our fingers crossed they quickly gain traction in this growing market.

We will be making more e-commerce sites in the near future, and our experience gained from this project will be extremely helpful to future clients. All I can say is this: I’m extremely proud of the finished product and hope we will be able to continuously develop it into something very special and useful in the field!


We’ve launched a Belgian brand… Logo

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve recently finally launched a Belgian brand for our company’s services. Going with today’s trend towards inbound marketing, we went for – a name that reflects our interest in going with the current flow of positive, content-based internet marketing with a pinch of social.

Our main services will still be Search Engine Optimization and Web Development, but we’ll be offering everything a full service internet marketing agency does, in-house from our Antwerp office.

I’m looking forward to building this new brand to something we can all be proud of. In the mean time, if you’re ever in need of internet services in Belgium – you know who to call! 🙂