We’ve finished the TB Shops software

It’s been a painstaking experience, but we’ve built a custom e-commerce application that can handle mutliple stores, automatic billing, stock keeping and so much more. We’re extremely proud TB Shops Logo Squareof the final product, which can be seen live on the first TB stores that went online over the course of the last couple weeks.

The first one to go online was the poker shop that used to belong to my company, pokerhandel.be. The transition from Magento to the TB system went smoothly and we’ve already seen an uptick in sales and conversion. Yay!

The most anticipated shop we launched went live yesterday. With VaporShop.be, TB is targetting the brand new market of electronic cigarettes – and the store is ready to handle not only a large amount of traffic but also a large amount of orders. We’re keeping our fingers crossed they quickly gain traction in this growing market.

We will be making more e-commerce sites in the near future, and our experience gained from this project will be extremely helpful to future clients. All I can say is this: I’m extremely proud of the finished product and hope we will be able to continuously develop it into something very special and useful in the field!